Ben Clement

Good Sport Magazine 

Founder and co-running of Good Sport Magazine. Established in 2014. 

“The vision to connect and inspire has long been at the heart of the magazine, merging our roots in punk, skate, photography and other subcultures. Along with an innovative appreciation of printed matter, Good Sport was created to challenge the old:traditional way of making a sports magazine with an uncompromising pursuit of quality, integrity, and originality. We work with people we believe in, we talk about topics and ideas we find important and try help give voice to the people and organizations we care about. The interests and influences that inspire our magazine sit under a large, inclusive, cross-generational umbrella. Our ideas come as much from the influence and care of printed matter and design as well as the possibilities we see in the world next to our commitment to the power of sport, living actively and engaged lifestyles. We believe in doing things with a team spirit, with conviction and an openness to learn and grow. That’s the definition of sport to us, and we’re interested in the endless ways people from all walks of life manifest this attitude.